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    Try these new exciting flavors in a delicious, ice cold treat – the perfect dessert for the upcoming summer days!

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    Creamy Nutella Ice Cream

    Homemade Nutella and homemade ice cream combine in this creamy dream of a treat that you won’t be able to get enough of!

  • Orange-Creamsicle-Ice-Cream

    Creamy Orange Julius Ice Cream

    Enjoy this classic, made with only 5 ingredients that are each totally natural and healthy. Eating right never tasted so good!

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My little sister Laura flew in town this week to escape the cold from Texas. Laura has a new job as a chef, creating marinades and cooking sauces for Mölli, (pronounced “mo-yee.”) Mölli means concoction in the Aztec language. I love these sauces. They taste like the true flavors from the interior regions of Mexico, […] Read more…

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Cinnamon Butter Ice Cream

This ice cream just makes me so happy! The rest of my errands for the day escape my mind for just a few moments while I eat this buttery, ice cold treat. You may have heard of apple butter, pumpkin butter and apple butter, but cinnamon butter just took it to the next level. It’s really […] Read more…

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