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Brownie Chunk Ice Cream

My favorite ice cream always has thick and chewy brownie chunks inside vanilla ice cream. It’s to die for and I often wish I could have it every day! Well, now I can! This ice cream couldn’t be any more healthy! It’s naturally sweetened and you wouldn’t for a second believe the ‘brownie’ chunks are [...]


Green Smoothie Ice Cream

Green smoothies are all rage — they’re easy, they’re fast, they’re healthy and they sneak vegetables into your diet without any effort at all! But a green smoothie, even a delicious one full of all your favorite fruits, can get a little boring after a while. And that’s how this Healthy Green Smoothie Ice Cream [...]


Peanut Butter & Jelly Ice Cream

Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches seem to be a staple in our household with two little girls running around. It’s a quick and satisfying sandwich that could please any taste bud! Let’s take that simple, easy, and delicious sandwich a step further and make it into ice cream! Two to three ingredients, not a lot [...]


Iced Coffee Ice Cream

When you’re in need of a hit of caffeine, but you’re also in the mood for some dessert, reach for this! Iced Coffee Ice Cream — made without heavy cream, artificial creamers, sugar and corn syrup, this sweet and creamy all-natural treat will hit the spot every time! This ice cream is low-calorie, guilt-free and 100% [...]

mango peach colado feat

Mango Peach Colada

Everyone loves a good piña colada! It’s also fun to switch it up and try different versions with other types of tropical fruits, such as mangos and peaches! This may almost convince you that you’re sunbathing on a tropical island! Either way, it definitely helps keep your body bathing suit ready! Mango Peach Colada Ingredients ¼ cup [...]

raw almond pie feat

Almond Butter Pie

It’s your lucky day! Now is your chance to turn ordinary almond butter into an ice cream pie!! We love the creamy texture of almond butter and if you are usually a peanut butter fan, think again! This pie is a delicious raw dessert that is allergy-friendly! Plus, you will love that it can be [...]


Lemon Ice Cream

This creamy and dreamy Lemon Ice Cream tastes just as sweet and flavorful as store-bought ice cream, but without the heavy cream, sugar, eggs and empty calories! It’s hard to believe this delicious ice cream requires only four ingredients. Yup, you read that correctly! This recipe is made of only four ingredients — all natural, [...]

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