Refreshing Grapefruit Frozen Yogurt

The holidays are filled with decadent treats and heavy eats. This season, you’ll probably be tempted with Pumpkin Pie, Sticky Buns, Brownies and Cakes. And while there is no such thing as “too much” chocolate, pie and ice cream, sometimes, you just crave a lighter, more refreshing option… And just like magic, this Grapefruit Frozen […] Read more…

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Avocado Key Lime Pie Ice cream

I’m a southern girl from Texas and I love my grandmother’s key lime pie. Of course, when I make it, it’s just not the same as hers. Why is that? Does she actually sprinkle love into the recipe? Grandmothers have so many magical tricks, there’s got to be something she does! This ice cream has a […] Read more…


Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream with Toasted Marshmallows

Come fall season, everything becomes pumpkin-flavored! Between drinks, breakfast foods, breads, desserts and snacks, the list goes on and on. But every year, being a resident of the Desert, I can’t quite get into that fall feeling because of the 100 degree weather. So, instead of warm, pumpkin spice-flavored drinks, I’m more than happy with pumpkin pie-flavored […] Read more…

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