Home made cinnamon ice cream with cinnamon

Apple Pie Ice Cream

Back in the day, coming home to the smell of warm apple pie fresh out of the oven was the stuff dreams were made of! Nowadays, ingredients aren’t fresh, pies come in tiny red boxes from the dollar menu, and the junk food we eat, well, let’s not get into how they smell… But why does [...]


Dangerous Strawberry Toffee Ice Cream

This strawberry toffee ice cream is one creamy, sweet dessert! You have to love strawberries and combining them with toffee creates the perfect combination. Peek season for strawberries is April through June, but they seem to taste good all year long, especially if your local grocery store carries frozen fruit. Sometimes, when I’m sitting around [...]

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Cardamom Horchata Ice Cream

Let’s make ice cream interesting using the famous drink horchata. I always see this drink on menus when I go to smoothie shops, Mexican restaurants, or fancy coffee houses. Horchata is made from white, long grain, basmati rice. It’s milky and made with different spices and topped with cinnamon. Typically the drink has creamy milk whisked [...]


Creamy Blueberry Ice Cream

It’s hard to pass up a handful (or three) of fresh, sweet and juicy blueberries. But wanna guess what’s even harder to pass up? Blueberry Ice Cream. Wait, I meant to say, Healthy Blueberry Ice Cream. Yup, I said it! This creamy and dreamy, all natural and berry-ful Blueberry Ice Cream is packed with blueberry [...]


Acai Bowl

Acai bowls are one of my favorite cold treats! They are packed full of antioxidants and you will LOVE eating it up with a spoon! You can top it with a variety of garnishes, like fresh fruit, granola, coconut, and a drizzle of honey! And the best part? These make an excellent breakfast, too! As [...]


Peanut Butter and Grape “Jelly” Ice Cream

Do you like Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches? If you do, then you’ll ADORE this Peanut Butter & Grape “Jelly” Ice Cream! The base of the ice cream is made with only three ingredients — organic red grapes, organic cottage cheese and organic stevia extract. Cottage cheese might sound like a strange ingredient for ice [...]

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