Skinny Strawberries and Cream Ice Cream

Strawberries and Cream — it’s a simple, sweet and delicious dessert, but it’s even better when it’s transformed into this creamy, dreamy and oh-so-satisfying Skinny Strawberries and Cream Ice Cream! This beautiful pink ice cream has all the flavor of fresh, sweet and juicy strawberries topped with a dollop of rich whipped cream, but without [...]

Cinnamon-Roll-Ice-Cream feat

Decadent Cinnamon Roll Ice Cream

It’s summer!! That means it’s warm and it’s most often humid outside… so what do people usually reach for when they’re in the sun and hungry? Something cold! Anything cold, really, like ice cream. Too bad ice cream is packed with a ton of unhealthy calories, fat and sugar. Not to mention, it’s 100% addicting. Whether [...]


Guilt-Free Orange Creamsicle Ice Cream

Mmmm, creamy and dreamy Orange Creamiscle Ice Cream… made guilt-free! It’s the classic ice cream shop flavor that’s aromatic, bright and refreshing, except this healthified version is made without heavy cream, eggs, sugar or artificial flavorings. Yes, it’s possible! You’d never know it’s low-fat and sugar-free, I promise! Soft, rich and creamy without the heavy [...]

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