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Green Monster Shake

It’s always fun to play with food creations during the holidays, especially halloween! Since our littles are already ‘treating’ themselves to consuming enough sugary, heavy candy, why not ‘trick’ them a little with a Green Monster milkshake made with healthy fats and natural sweeteners? Serve this the morning of Halloween to start your kiddos off [...]


Creamy Blueberry Ice Cream

It’s hard to pass up a handful (or three) of fresh, sweet and juicy blueberries. But wanna guess what’s even harder to pass up? Blueberry Ice Cream. Wait, I meant to say, Healthy Blueberry Ice Cream. Yup, I said it! This creamy and dreamy, all natural and berry-ful Blueberry Ice Cream is packed with blueberry [...]


Peanut Butter and Grape “Jelly” Ice Cream

Do you like Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches? If you do, then you’ll ADORE this Peanut Butter & Grape “Jelly” Ice Cream! The base of the ice cream is made with only three ingredients — organic red grapes, organic cottage cheese and organic stevia extract. Cottage cheese might sound like a strange ingredient for ice [...]

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Black Walnut Ice Cream

Ok, I know we all have an elderly loved one in our life that always orders the black walnut ice cream from Braums. No, you don’t? Well, I do and she loves it so much she orders it at every ice cream shop, but they never seem to have it. So, this recipe is for [...]


Decadent Tiramisu Ice Cream

Tiramisu — the classic Italian no-bake dessert made with Ladyfingers, coffee, rum, a mascarpone cream filling and a cocoa topping. Sounds like pure deliciousness, am I right? (Yes, I’m right…) Well, can you guess what else is delicious? The same dessert transformed into ice cream! Either way, they’re both no-bake and the epitome of decadence. [...]

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